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Custom Tire Covers for Your Awesome Jeep

Posted on October 24 2018

Custom Tire Covers for Your Awesome Jeep

You are probably tired of listening to neighbors, friends and coworkers talk about which types of vehicles are better. They argue about the usual silly things like which type of vehicle gets better mileage and which ones perform better. But you know better, you know which vehicle is best. You drive a Jeep and would have it no other way.

You have to admit, when you see a Jeep driving down the road sparkling in the sunshine, it garners your attention. In fact, if you get close enough to the guy driving the Hyundai Elantra, there is a jealous look in his eyes. That, and he seems to be trembling a bit.

Here is one of the best things about owning a Jeep; it’s as tough looking as a pickup truck, but without the stereotypes many pickup owners suffer.

Tire Cover Pro, your source for custom Jeep tire covers, offers you these reasons why Jeeps are the best vehicles to own.

You Can’t Stereotype a Jeep Owner

If you drive a pickup truck, people expect you to be wearing a cowboy hat, or, perhaps, you are mistaken for a redneck. And while a gun rack is often a necessary accessory for a dude with a pickup, you will never see one in the back of a Jeep.

Jeep owners look, talk and act like any normal person you might find in an office or an upscale restaurant. What you won't see is a Jeep in the parking lot of a Dollar General store or Applebee’s.

They Last Forever

Many years ago, Jeeps were built strictly for military use. Any vehicle that is used in a war zone has got to be reliable, dependable and tough, super tough. Let’s face it, the United States government isn't going to send troops into a war zone driving a Honda Civic.


Jeeps are famous for off-roading and traveling easily over a wide range of tricky terrain. So if you love cruising any road or trail that is not paved, then you will love a Jeep.

They Grab Your Attention

Drive your Jeep around town on a weekend night and you will notice that you get a lot of attention. Of course, the sweet spare tire cover you recently purchased is quite the eye-catcher.

Fun Design

There really isn't anything else on the road that looks like a Jeep. Trucks and SUVs are pretty indistinguishable from a distance, but Jeeps are super unique. You can recognize a Jeep just by its silhouette.


Modern Jeeps come with all of the conveniences as luxury cars do. You can jam some killer tunes from a rad stereo system while chilling out in your heated leather seats. You can own a Jeep with touchscreen navigation and a media hub.


It is just as common to see a Jeep on the highway as it is to see one cruising the streets of your city on Saturday night or on a mountain trail.

If you are proud of your Jeep, replace that old spare tire cover with something custom and cool from Tire Cover Pro