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Keep Your Tire Safe & Clean with Tire Cover Pro

Posted on October 09 2019

Keep Your Tire Safe & Clean with Tire Cover Pro

Spare tires are not only necessary and useful, but they can be a great aesthetic as well. 

Bottom line, Jeeps are built for adventure. While you may prefer a muddy jeep, it’s important that you also take care of it, which probably means giving it a wash every once in awhile. Luckily, keeping your tire safe and clean is easy with Tire Cover Pro!

How can you keep your spare tire safe and clean? 

Keep your spare tire safe with a spare tire cover. Spare tire covers protect your spare from the harsh effects of the sun and the weather.  

Keep Your Spare Tire Safe From Sun and UV Damage With A Spare Tire Cover

A spare tire mounted onto the back of your vehicle will likely be exposed to a lot of harmful UV rays that can not only wear down the finish on the rim, but also degrades the rubber tire, meaning it will likely be useless by the time it’s ever needed. 

Fortunately, there are awesome vehicle accessories like spare tire covers to block the UV rays so your tire stays safe, protected and in tip-top shape. 

Keep Your Spare Tire Safe From Weather Elements With A Spare Tire Cover 

No matter where you are, frequent exposure to dirt, wind, rain, cold, and heat can be detrimental to your tire. This can weaken the rubber and make the tire less structurally sound. Keep your spare tire safe from any and all weather elements that may come your way with a spare tire cover. 

A spare tire cover can keep your spare tire hidden, safe and unappealing to thieves.      

Keep Your Tire Clean With a Spare Tire Cover

Sure, you may want to show off those awesome new wheels you just bought, but tires are expensive, and spare tire covers can help keep clean, covered, and in excellent condition. 

Add to the sleekness of your vehicle with a spare tire cover for your mounted spare at