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Top Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Accessories

Posted on May 28 2019

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Accessories
Thinking about upgrading your Jeep to take it off-road? Wondering which aftermarket Jeep parts you should start with? You aren’t alone. It’s fun to think about all the extras you can add to your Jeep. Well, in reality, you should know your Jeep road never has to be preset and more often than not, that third option works really well for nearly every first-time Jeep owner. By all means, though, if you have the knowledge, desire, and resources, to get your hands dirty immediately and build that next great trail-crushing Wrangler, then go for it. Have a blast! But if you don’t – if you are unsure what kind of steps to take in this larger new Jeep world – then a bit of caution should definitely rule as you get to know your new vehicle. We've put together a list of top Jeep Wrangler Unlimited accessories for you.

Spare Tire Covers


Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Cover


Perhaps your Jeep already had one hanging off the tire when you bought the thing. Perhaps you just saw one on the Wrangler in front of you this morning and liked the design. Maybe you really want to complete a certain look for your vehicle, or are hoping for a bit more security. Whatever the reason, owning a spare tire cover is so much more than just throwing some canvas over that tire sticking out from the tailgate. Jeep spare tire covers are one of the best Jeep Wrangler unlimited accessories and here is why:


UV/Weather Protection

There is no greater enemy of rubber than UV and weather, and without the proper protection your spare tire will be exposed to lots of each over its lifespan. It is just something you can’t totally avoid. And after enough time, this exposure can be very damaging to your tire – causing cracks in the sidewall, weakening the rubber and making it less structurally sound.


Low Maintenance

If you are like many Jeep owners, you have enough to worry about and maintain on your vehicle. Things like winches and bumpers, to soft top windows/zippers, maybe even suspension products you have added during your travels. So helpful products with low maintenance can definitely be a plus. And spare tire covers are about as low maintenance as you can get for your Jeep.



As a Jeep owner, I know how tires can be very expensive. And spare tires, unlike the wheels on the ground, can be unbolted and removed very quickly if someone really wants to steal one. Now, security wheel locks can certainly help deter theft of your spare tire, and are a great product to own, but so can a tire cover.



Just like tires, a tire cover is not a one size fits all accessory. There are many different size options so you are easily able to get one that perfectly fits your spare tire. This is important because, after all, the goal is to keep out the elements and an ill-fitting cover just does not do that effectively.


Perfecting That Finished Look

Making a statement. Many Jeep owners love to do just that with all the stickers and window vinyl they put on the front of their vehicles. And if making a statement is your kind of thing, then not only can you customize a tire cover by the type of material, but you can pick colors to match your Jeep – even designs or logos that will make your vehicle stand out.


Jeep Hoodies


Wrangler Babes Light Weight Jeep Hoodie


When you want to explore the city and nature, there is a range of sweatshirts and sweaters characterized by natural and technological materials, practical details and style. Jeep hoodies from Wrangler Babes are a great way to show off the love you have for your Jeep when you are away from it. There are many hoodies materials out there such as light weight material for the cool summer nights.


Replacement Hood Latches


Replacement Hood Latches


Let’s face it – if you have driven your new Jeep Wrangler JK at anything faster than walking speed, you’ve probably noticed an alarming amount of hood movement. Translate that to highway driving, and you may feel like your hood will tear off at any second. The reason behind this is simply that the factory latches use a soft, stretchy rubber that isn’t able to keep the hood securely in place at higher speeds.

While the odds of your hood actually flying off because of latch failure is pretty remote, it certainly can be an unsettling and annoying distraction while driving. This is where aftermarket latches, like the popular Daystar Hood Wranglers, shine. Besides offering a few different ‘beefier’ ways to customize how your hood connects, these latch options utilize stronger materials to ensure that your hood stays in place during all driving conditions.


LED Lights


Jeep Wrangler Red Led Lights


For the first-time Jeep owner, it means you probably don’t know how under powered those dim, weak factory lights with traditional bulbs are until you check out aftermarket bright LED light bulbs. LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are currently one of the hottest modifications around simply because their light output at both low and high beam is nearly double the factory headlight output. Yet, despite this powerful light, the amp draw is less than half what factory lights require.

More power, energy star and less amp draw. And thanks to all kinds of technology improvements over the past few years, more affordability and energy savings as well. So it’s no wonder LED lights have jumped to the front of the line over other great options like HID and Xenon.


Grille Inserts


Jeep Grille Inserts


Since their introduction, Jeep Wranglers have featured slat grilles, which have become their defining design feature. The Jeep Wrangler JK has inherited perhaps the most famous front grille in the history of the vehicle. It features seven oversized vertical slots and is instantly identifiable by anyone who knows anything about cars. In order to jazz up the plain but iconic grille, some JK owners install Wrangler grille inserts and overlays. The inserts are sold in sets of seven and come in a variety of style and color options. Billet polished aluminum and chrome inserts simply snap into place over the originals. They add style and flair to an American original. Grille overlays are a bit more expensive, but are also very easy to install. They fit neatly in place over your existing grille.