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Why You Need a Custom Jeep Cover

Posted on September 23 2019

Custom Jeep covers are the new black. When it comes to owning a Jeep, there’s so much more than lift kits, lightbars, and bumpers. In fact, you also have to protect that spare tire, and why not do it with a custom cover designed by you? 

Not only will a custom Jeep cover add more personality to your ride, but it’s also fun to create something of your very own! Use our collections for inspiration or dive into a blank canvas -- the choice is yours.  

why you need a custom tire cover

In order to understand why you need a super cool custom Jeep cover, it’s important that we cover the basics of why you need a spare tire cover in the first place.      

Benefits of a Custom Jeep Tire Cover 

  • Security -  Tires are very expensive. Unless you’re showing off your wheels, a spare tire cover can keep your spare hidden and more secure.   
  • Weather protection - Spare tire covers also keep your tire protected no matter where you’re going.  

Custom jeep covers allow you to add more of your personality to your ride! Whether you want something funny, unique, classic, patriotic, cute, meaningful -- whatever it might be you can customize our high-quality tire covers in whatever way you’d like! 

Protect your Jeep tire with a custom cover full of personality. They also make great personalized gifts! 

What are you designing on your custom cover? Get your custom Jeep tire covers at