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Why You Need A Spare Tire Cover

Posted on October 24 2018

Why You Need A Spare Tire Cover


Perhaps your Jeep or SUV already had a spare tire cover hanging off of it when you bought it. And maybe that was fine at the time, but the more you look at it, the more you realize you really think you need a different one.

Maybe your Jeep or SUV doesn’t have a spare tire cover and all and you are fine with that. Some people prefer to keep their spare tire exposed for all to see. If you have a custom wheel, something fancy like a Fuel wheel or Monster wheel, then you might be quite satisfied showing it off.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why there are spare tire covers available. One reason is a spare tire cover will complete the look of your vehicle. Tire Cover Pro offers you these reasons why you might want to consider ordering a custom spare tire cover for your Jeep or SUV.


Wheels are expensive. And unlike the wheels you have on the ground, your spare tire can be unbolted and removed in little time should somebody fancy it. Now, there are several ways in which you can prevent your spare tire from being stolen, but a spare tire with a cover on it will help deter theft.

Perfecting a Look

Many Jeep and SUV owners love to make a statement with their vehicles. Instead of putting stickers all over your vehicle, a really cool tire cover with a clever or witty saying or artwork will do just as well.

Even a plain spare tire cover can complete the look of your SUV or Jeep. Any type of tire cover can help make your ride stand out.

Easy Maintenance

You have enough to worry about when it comes to maintaining and keeping your Jeep or SUV clean. Jeeps are notorious for getting dirty, mainly because they are off-road vehicles and people take advantage of this.

It’s nice when you get to skip having to clean dried mud and other debris off of your spare tire because it was covered and protected.

Weather Protection

Rubber has no greater enemy than the weather. Without proper protection, your spare tire will be exposed to a lot of hot sun that you just can't avoid. After a period of time, this exposure can damage your tire by causing cracks in the sidewall and weakening the rubber. It makes your spare tire less structurally sound. Something you don't want to happen.

Driving on your tires helps keep them supple. When you drive in your tires, the rubber flexes and heats up, which stretches it out a bit and keeps it in good shape.

Your spare tire just sits there and soaks up the sun's damaging UV rays.


There are many sizes, styles and other options you can choose when it comes to spare tire covers. Perhaps you want something that reflects your personality or maybe you just want that really cool flaming skull.

Then go to Tire Cover Pro and order one today.