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Custom Tire Cover - Personalized for your Jeep or Camper - All Sizes Available

$89.00 USD

Custom Jeep Wrangler/Liberty Tire Cover

We put you behind the wheel at Tire Cover Pro, so display your own passion and personalize your Jeep or Camper with this custom Jeep Wrangler tire cover!  Our spare wheel covers are printed directly - no decals - and that means no ink to crack or fade. All our tire covers, for Jeep Wranglers or otherwise, are designed for the harshest of temperatures - high and low!  Email your cover design to us and lets get started!

Our custom Jeep Wrangler tire covers can be whatever you make of it:

  • Business Logos
  • Clubs
  • Custom Wording
  • Family Portrait
  • Family Pet
  • Vacation Destination
Why Buy From Us?
  • Stand out, show people what you're passionate about, and protect those expensive spare tires all at once.
  • Our covers are top of the line Marine Grade Heavyweight Vinyl. This is the same material they make boat seats from so they can take the water / heat / sun / cold and temperature swings.
  • They are treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading, cracking, and wear. Off-Road folks they aren't Tree-Proof but mud is okay! Just a quick wash with a light detergent and water and your all set!
  • No pressure washers or drive thru car washes please. 
  • Our tire covers include a very heavy shock cord for easy install.
  • All spare tire covers come with a one year warranty!

***PLEASE NOTE: We will start working on your order very quickly once it arrives.  You may get an automated email that says your tire cover has shipped once we start working on it.  The shipping program we use assigns these numbers as orders come in BUT with custom orders there is sizing and images that need to be worked up and approved prior to sending.  All custom covers get a proof for customer approval prior to shipping.  So if you do see a tracking number and haven't received a proof yet, fear not - we will be contacting you within 24 hours to get the details!  ***


Tire size:  Should be something like 255/75r17 - we can't process the order without this

Art work: You can email the logo/ picture to us at

Contact us directly with questions - text is okay too.  248-980-4220

Business hours 9am - 4pm Mon - Fri 

Customer Reviews

Based on 175 reviews
Great gift

Works really good with his orange jeeps and he loved it as a birth day gift

Art Work

Have no problem with the quality of your product. It fit perfectly! But we are unable to use the product. The color on the artwork was so far off that it look awful with our jeep. We have a yellow, but actually it is more gold that a bright yellow. Not your fault, but very disappointed. Thanks

Easy Fun Jeep Bling!

Am a bit of a newbie in the Jeep tribe. Kenzi is an experienced pro with guiding peeps like me though the order it right process. Together we figured out tire size and best art files for my custom design. Had within days after artwork approval. Arrived FedEx- thank you! Unexpected happy surprise. Is the cover as beefy as my waaaay too high dollar factory generic? No. For the price and fun? Perfect alignment. Will order again - am thinking seasonal covers. Thank you Kenzi!

Custom Tires

Service was quick and it was easy to communicate our design vision. The actual logo on the cover looks a tad blurry. But that might have been the file we supplied. All in all good service!


Nice Work