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About Us:

Thank you for visiting us at Tire Cover Pro, where traveling the road less traveled is a way of life for us.  We've traveled the trails of our Michigan homeland all the way to California, New England, the Rubicon and roads in between.  Although traveling is our passion, we luckily have a business model that we are just as passionate about.

Like the typical internet start-up...

We started Tire Cover Pro as a branch of their existing hunting and fishing accessories business in 2015.  With previous printing experience, a background in internet marketing and a passion for hunting and the outdoors we bring you this website.  Designing RV tire covers, Automotive tire covers with a twist for the OUTDOOR ENTHUSIAST. So here it is your place to shop for some of the most unique items for the outdoorsmen in your life.


Our Growth Path

Since 2003 we've been lucky enough to have great customers who have helped us grow locally.   The local printing business has become a thing of the past.  To continue on our growth path, new ingenuity became a big part of our ongoing business.  So combining our printing knowledge, our hobbies, and creating some unique products has continued us in the right direction.


Again, Thank you for visiting Tire Cover Pro, we look forward to your business…