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Jeep Liberty Tire Cover With Distressed Pledge Print (Liberty 02-12)

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Tire-DIST-C294-Custom Size

What a great way to show the love you have for your country with this made in U.S.A Jeep Liberty Tire Cover With Distressed Pledge Print. Our tire covers come in different sizes to fit all Jeep?ÿLiberty spare tires such as?ÿ235/65R17, 245/50R20 and a lot more.
If you need help verifying your spare tire size, please refer to our?ÿsizing tire calculator.
Why Buy From Us?
  • Stand out, show people what you're passionate about, and protect those expensive spare tires all at once.
  • Our covers are top of the line Marine Grade Heavyweight Vinyl. This is the same material they make boat seats from so they can take the water / heat / sun / cold and temperature swings.
  • They are treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading, cracking, and wear. Off-Road folks they aren't Tree-Proof but mud is okay! Just a quick wash with a light detergent and water and your all set!
  • No pressure washers or drive thru car washes please.?ÿ
  • Our tire covers include?ÿa very heavy shock cord for easy install.
  • All spare tire covers come with a one year warranty!

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